Thursday, July 30, 2009

Binge and Purge

So last night we were kid-free. Unexpectedly enough, where we didn't have plans with other peeps, which meant T and I had "alone time" (trust me, not that alone...). Furthermore, I was alone-alone, for about 2 hours before T got home. Did I indulge in a nap? my book? bad TV?

Nope... I WORKED! Like, work from work. Now, I don't mind working from home - I don't have to do it very often and usually know it is better for my own sanity in the long run. My bigger issue is that it is just one more example of how I cannot relax. Or maybe a better way to say it is I can relax, but only relax in binges and purges.

The Purge: I go for weeks, running laps around the house, constanting picking up and making up "critical" tasks, that absolutely need to be done NOW. Any attempt at relaxation is a farce and usually completing one of those oh-so-critical tasks: Grocery shopping, with no kid? A JOY! Folding laundry as I watch bad TV? a TREAT! Snarfing down a enormous bowl of ice cream - GOOD ENOUGH for ME! (OK, that maybe is relaxing with no hidden agenda.)

And then the Binge: After a few weeks of these lame attempts - I get into a book (NERD!) and totally zone out for a day or two. I just sit and read - I let the dishes pile up, the crumbs on the floor are fine, I serve popcorn for dinner.

The question is - does a bit each day offer the same amount of sanity as a 2 day haitus from life? Is there a "better" way to relax? Hmmm... sounds like a fun experiment.


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