Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Via @nprnews: Closing The 'Word Gap' Between Rich And Poor http://n.pr/1afzyFe

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10

1.  I'm sick of the GOP/Presidential race already and dread the next 8 months. (EIGHT.  8.  OCHO.)  Can't they use their resources to do more good?  (And I'd say the same thing if it was the Dems going through the process)

2.  I just read an eye-opening book called Women Lead the Way by Linda Tarr-Whelan.  Very facisinating stuff on how women are a major force in our world and economies but not yet in leadership, across segments (e.g. business, non-profit, gov't).  As an up-and-coming (see #5) female in the workforce and a mom of 2, striving for Balanced Chaos, it resonated.  ROAARR!!! 

3.  Troy had 2 interviews today, 1 tomorrow.  Crossing fingers, toes and legs ... mama wants a new kitchen! :)

4.  Tried Tastefully Simple's Bayou Bourbon sauce tonight, on salmon, and it was DELISH.  Wish I'd made more.

5.  Participated in a Talent Management review today with the HR directors I work with/for and got their feedback.  It was a good and promising discussion.

6.  All my good intentions to post regularly... gone! I've been doing micro-updates via Facebook and Instagram. I tell you what, the iPhone changed my life. And most ironic is that I come to my own page, every day, to check out my blog roll and what has been updated. 

7.  I don't understand Pinterest.  I mean, I do, but I don't.  Maybe I'm just afraid to get sucked in.

8.  I'm in charge of decorations at Carver Elementary's spring Carnival (the evening of May 11th if you want to join us!). 

9.  Will has reached an "easy" stage - talking some, where we can understand him; can easily be tricked/distracted into doing stuff, etc.  He has quite the personality.  Grant is actually the more challenging one since he is definitely in a too-cool-for-school sass ... and argue ... and whine stage. 

10.  But they are both pretty stinking cute!  Check out this recent video http://youtu.be/MP4q_2-R-yo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas and Cali

It has been a busy month!  We survived the holidays and a trip to California...the first plane ride with the boys. By all accounts it was all good!  (Except for the final descent into MSP - Will had a fit (aka SCREAMED) for 20 minutes.  We were totally those people.  I'm breaking out into a sweat thinking about it.)


Here are some pictures from our adventures (I posted these on FB too)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Major milestone tonight, people.  Grant passed "Pre School II" level swimming class.  Why is this such a milestone (he is, afterall, now in School)?  Because it was his 5th (FIFTH) time taking it.  No lie.  The kid would not float on his back to save his life.

But WHAM! three weeks ago it clicked and the past few lessons he has been a fish. Check it out:

The other big deal is he is reading.  Slow and steady!  He is sounding out words and recognizing them faster.  He read an entire level-1 book last night (it took about 30 min.)

He also asked me tonight if I shaved (thank GOD he didn't ask about specific areas).  I don't know where that came from and didn't ask.  EEK!

He is getting so big! :(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The Hannert clan headed out to the Pumpkin Patch today.  The boys LOVED it.  We went to Afton Apples , mainly because Grant had already been there on a school field trip and begged to go again so he could show us everything. 

It was cool because they had tractors pulling hay wagons all around the orchard and patches.  They'd drop you off, you'd pick out your goodies and they'd pick you up again. I thought Will was going to fall out in his excited screaming "TACTOR!" 

We found 3 great pumpkins, feed some of the petting zoo animals (again, Will was in heaven.  The kid has an animal loving gene that he did not get from yours truly), and played on an enormous jungle gym.  

(ignore my face please!)

Grant's pick...

We're following the leader, the leader, the leader ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Eek! Time is speeding up again and it's been awhile since I posted.

I posted a few new videos onto You Tube so check them out by the link above, under Everyday Links.

The boys are getting big...older is actually a better word. And even that sounds weird but they are growing up! Will is a great listener and is saying more all the time. He is starting to play-play more, vrooming cars, in the sandbox, with the Batcave, etc. He and Grant play together pretty good and he also likes to be chased and wrestle with Troy.

Grant is still doing really good at school...although we did get a call that he'd kissed a girl. Eek! He now can ride his bike, sans training wheels, 100% on his own; he can get going, go and stop. We took a family bike ride and he thought he was THE big man on campus.

I'm off to Charlotte and Charleston for work until the 21st. It's the longest I've been away and I'm a bit apprehensive and nervous! Troy is going to join me next weekend in Charleston, which will be fun...neither of us have ever been in that part of the US.

Ta ta!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Boy!

Someone got his hair cut!  It isn't technically, his first, since I cut his "duck tail" off mid summer.  But it is his first "all over" cut and he went from being a toddler to a big boy!

 We bribed him to sit (more) still with cookies, marshmallows and the spray bottle.  


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