Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Major milestone tonight, people.  Grant passed "Pre School II" level swimming class.  Why is this such a milestone (he is, afterall, now in School)?  Because it was his 5th (FIFTH) time taking it.  No lie.  The kid would not float on his back to save his life.

But WHAM! three weeks ago it clicked and the past few lessons he has been a fish. Check it out:

The other big deal is he is reading.  Slow and steady!  He is sounding out words and recognizing them faster.  He read an entire level-1 book last night (it took about 30 min.)

He also asked me tonight if I shaved (thank GOD he didn't ask about specific areas).  I don't know where that came from and didn't ask.  EEK!

He is getting so big! :(


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