Sunday, October 9, 2011


Eek! Time is speeding up again and it's been awhile since I posted.

I posted a few new videos onto You Tube so check them out by the link above, under Everyday Links.

The boys are getting big...older is actually a better word. And even that sounds weird but they are growing up! Will is a great listener and is saying more all the time. He is starting to play-play more, vrooming cars, in the sandbox, with the Batcave, etc. He and Grant play together pretty good and he also likes to be chased and wrestle with Troy.

Grant is still doing really good at school...although we did get a call that he'd kissed a girl. Eek! He now can ride his bike, sans training wheels, 100% on his own; he can get going, go and stop. We took a family bike ride and he thought he was THE big man on campus.

I'm off to Charlotte and Charleston for work until the 21st. It's the longest I've been away and I'm a bit apprehensive and nervous! Troy is going to join me next weekend in Charleston, which will be fun...neither of us have ever been in that part of the US.

Ta ta!


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