Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Simple

Every time I get my copy of Real Simple in the mail, I automatically adjust my night's schedule to include time to read through it. First, I do a quick flip - looking at pictures and only reading captions to the items that jump out. Only then do I go back - reading more in-depth. I want to live in the magazine, if that is possible. And usually, I go through it a third time, to rip out the articles, recipes, tips that catch my eye.

Not familiar? Have no fear... is just as addicting.

And a real simple way to save money, dining out? A recent tip from their June issue was to visit and put in your zip. You can find discounted certificates for tons of local restaurants. In the Twin Cities, this includes: La Hacienda (one of our faves), Joe's Garage, Kierans, and more! Yum!


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