Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bring it on!

It is official - T is going back to school. This is a good thing for the long run - for the fam and his sanity and happiness. He has been talking about it for months but only got "serious" about it in mid-July, with the intent to go back this Fall. (Reality check: this was about 6 weeks before school would start. Which is OK - except for the few decisions he needed to make: like what exactly he wants to be when he grows up, which school to go to, etc. -- ya' know, the little things.)

However, he stuck to it and it is all worked out. He starts tomorrow... going 3 nights a week...until 10 PM. Or said another way, I'll be home alone 3 nights a week, with a sassy-3-year-old-and-come-November-a-newborn. And the program (Arch Drafting) takes 2 years. Breathe, Hannah, Breathe.

Single parents and stay-at-home moms have the HARDEST jobs; I love my kid but could not do it. Grant and I have similiar personalities and we butt heads; we get mutually exasperated at each other. So most nights, when T walks in, I hand over Grant; I already need a break after 2 hours. So this new reality has me a bit freaked out.

However, I know it will work out and I know we all will adapt A-OK. And thankfully, I'm Type A enough to already have a list of strategies that will hopefully keep us all sane, alive and happy.


jillbispala said...

Keith starts busy season in a couple of weeks so I will be alone with kids on weeknights too -let's be alone together! :)

Maverick said...

I still tell myself on a weekly basis that I could not be a stay-at-home mom and yet here we are 28 months later...

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