Thursday, November 19, 2009

2-week update

The good news? Will is a pig...

The bad news? My blood pressure is still high...

Frankie isn't the baby anymore

Just chillin'


We had our follow up appointments today. Overall, we're doing great. The only bummer is my blood pressure is still high... "prehypertension" numbers and that is with the meds. I have to continue taking the medication and if it is still high at my 6-week appt., I'll get referred to an internal medicine doctor. FGS.

BUT... Will is doing awesome. He weighed 6 pounds, even, when we left the hospital on 11/7. And 12 days later, he weights 7 pounds, 11 oz. OINK! Everything else on him looked great too. It is so nice to get through this first appt. and be in the clear. He is filling out his "NB" sized gear and definitely filling out.


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