Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting

Another interesting article in Time... or at least I thought so.

  • It made me feel better that Grant is not (yet) in any extracurricular activities or pre-school.
  • It reminded me that we all survived in a much un-safer world when we were growing up.
  • It made me appreciate that he does get such a kick out of running, playing baseball with us, helping with chores, etc.
  • It made me resolve to try to keep our lives sane and not to over-do it as the boys do get older.
  • Overall, it made me sigh in relief that we're doing pretty darn good.

The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting

My favorite perspective from the article is on page 2. "... the odds of being kidnapped and killed by a stranger are about 1 in 1.5 million. When parents confront you with "how can you let him go to the store alone?," she suggests countering with "how can you let him visit your relatives?" (some 80% of kids who are molested are victims of friends or relatives.) Or ride in the car with you? (More than 420,000 kids were injured in motor vehiclaes last year.) ... "


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