Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Last night we had our daycare's Christmas Party. Wow! Julie, the daycare "leader" (as Grant calls her), outdid herself and had Santa come in. (Plus she gave out great gifts - individualized calenders of each kid, ornaments made by the kids and personalized towels for each kid.)

Grant went right up to him to introduce himself:

We also got a peek at how honest Grant is. When Santa asked if he'd been good, he replied, "Yes. But sometimes I'm bad."

He then went on to ask for a big motorcycle for Christmas (see approximate sizing, below). One that "I can ride and keep outside so it won't break." I think we're in some trouble here as a motorcycle wasn't on my list for him.

The newest addition to the daycare crew:

(P.S. Will asked for world peace.)

The party was a total hit with Grant. He cried when it was time to go and cried, again, when we got home and realized he did not come home with his motorcycle.


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