Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 10

Here are the 10 things you might find interesting from the past 4 weeks. But I'm not promising anything.

10. Will is 13 pounds, 2 ounces. He has gained just under pound per week. OINK.

9. Troy is back in school on M, T and W nights. It is a good thing I can enjoy wine again.

8. We had great holidays with friends and family. THANK YOU to everyone for the wonderful company, gifts, food, drink...everything.

7. I go back to work on Tuesday and, must admit, that I can't wait; stay at home moms have the hardest job. I'll miss my one-on-one time with Will but need my routine back!

6. My blood pressure is lower so they are cutting my dosage in half. If it is still good in 4 weeks, I'll be "healed". Hallelujah!

5. Will is still living in 3 hour cycles... however this isn't as "perfect" as it was at first. Can we please get a 5-6 hour stretch at night? Kid - toss us a bone!

4. My bro, Kelly got married on NYE. The kids were in the wedding and were a hit! They did great and got the dance started with their break dance moves. I'd post pics but see #1 and stay tuned!

3. I only have 8 pounds left to lose to be back at pre-prego weight. (I don't care if PRIDE is one of the 7 sins. So is gluttony and I've not experienced that lately... much to my chagrin.)

2. Grant has been great with Will - a great helper and pretty understanding about not being the center of attention.

1. I have been trying to update the blog for 9 days. I wanted to post pictures but it isn't working. I've submitted a question in the help forum so we'll see. SIGH...

I hope your New Year's is off to a great start!


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