Monday, May 24, 2010


We had Will's 6-month and Grant's 4-year appointments last week.  Will is a healthy 22.5 pounds - officially off the charts for weight and in the 75% for height.  He is getting teeth on the bottom and has been crabby.  

Grant-o is also good; in the 25-50% for weight and height.  He has gained 6 pounds this past year - up to 38 from 32 (which is good since he was 32 since he turned 2!).  He has to get blood drawn in the next week or two to test for the "basic" food allergies due to an allergic reaction he had in March.  And he probably has to have minor surgery (1-2 stitches) for a small hernia that he never grew into. (We have the consult in 3 weeks so stay tuned!)  He and I also had our teeth cleaned and he did great - they cleaned his whole mouth, flossed, etc. and he sat good and still the entire time.... now the promise of Dairy Queen maybe played a part of that!


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