Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

Someone started school today!

He was very sad to go. : (  Tears and all but did fine once we were there and proclaimed on the way home, "I LOVE school and wish I was back there now!"  Much better.

Will is a total trouble maker.  We've been calling him"Monkey" but "Trouble" is fast replacing it.  He is strong and fast for as, a-hem, healthy as he is.  Little stinker.  "No! No! No!" is the new phrase at our house but he does so-big, peek-a-boo and is starting to give kisses and clap. 

(How you say... Badonkadonk ???)

A trip to the Great MN Get Together was our Labor Day highlight.  We went with the Bispala's and just oinked our way in a big circle.  YUM!  Only bummer was that Grant started to feel ishy and threw up when we got home.  YUK!

Awww.... buds!


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