Sunday, August 7, 2011

my Happiness Project

First - I found a new blog that so far I'm digging, called ZenHabits.  It is a lot of common sense info, that is good to see and re-see.  I've posted it in my blog links.

Second - I'm just going through a little funk.  Does anyone else have that experience of wanting to do SO MANY things that it gets a wee bit overwhelming.  I'm there.  Some of it is stuff I think I should do (hi Running) and some of it is stuff I want to do (start a family tradition with the boys) and all of it is "good" so I'm finding it hard to figure out where to start.

Enter the Happiness Project.  I read this book on vacation in Mexico (6 months ago... but who is counting?!) and loved it.  I think the author and I could be twins.  I loved her approach, her goals, everything.  I got home from the trip and made a huge spreadsheet of the things I wanted to focus on. 

And then reality kicked in and it has sat, lonely and alone on my hard drive.  But no more!  My life is crazy - I feel like there is always MORE for me to do, I'm always crabby and I don't like where I'm heading.  So here goes... the start of my Happiness project.

A few things I'm looking forward to gaining from all this:
- more frequent posts, which means more pics of boys, and more stories, and, ultimately a better "archive" of my kids youth.
- healthier habits
- less work stress
- a stronger relationship with Troy

Let the fun begin!


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