Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

Grant puts on my sunglasses and says "Mom, do these make my butt look big?"  I had to laugh out loud.

Will is still grunting but it is taking more of a semblance to words.  Like he'll grunt a letter's sound and then the right number of syllables.  He says Please, Puppy, Cookie, Cracker all pretty good.  He grunts with an "L" sound for milk and calls Libby "Bea" (which she hopes sticks!) 

And since I'm "making memories"... he is also starting to listen more (not listening is still the majority) and a couple times has caught me by surprise, doing what I ask.  He is also starting to play pretend - he'll pretend to go to sleep or whatever and then die laughing when we tickle him awake. 


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