Monday, September 12, 2011

Kindergarten Update

Grant is off and running in kindergarten! Woo hoo.

We had a tough morning, before we left. He was not excited about school one little bit. Not about meeting new friends, or riding the bus, or gym. Nada. He would be fine and then all the sudden, would start to cry. "Mom, I'm not ready. I should be 6!".

When the bus finally arrived, he put on a brave little face. I could literally see him biting back tears and just got on the bus. I went immediately to the school and made sure he saw me, seeing him, get off the bus OK. (The bus was his big fear.) He was fine. And he got off the bus smiling, saying it was awesome.

Every day since, when I've asked what his favorite part was, he says "everything!"


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