Friday, July 17, 2009

The Great Complaint: Chores!

Warning: I've probably bitched to some of you about this before... Why are guys completely unable to do chores? Specifically, the most obvious and would-be-helpful chores, like:

1. Throwing laundry into the basket (vs. next to it)

2. Changing laundry loads

3. Wiping down dirty counters

4. Vacuuming

It is this 4th item that has me going. Every day, since Monday, I've asked him to vacuum the stairs. (And before anyone asks why don't I just do the stairs, it is the only cleaning-related chore he has!) On Wednesday, when he was home all day, my hopes rose. Only to be crushed ... the other 10 items on his list? - done. The only one remaining? - my request to vacuum.

Why is this? I think I get even more mad at T because he is usually pretty good. The 10 items he did get done, he'd come up with on his own and most of them were a "match" to what I would have asked him to do. So why can't he just vacuum - a 3 minute thing - so we both can avoid the painful experiences of "the Nag"?

Needless to say, after Wednesday, I went into hyper-nag mode. Just on principle. I'm happy to report he finally vacuumed this morning after 5 notes and at least 3 verbal 'quips' (I'm not so dumb to complain outright (to him), although I think he is on to me.)

For the sake of all of our benefits, I am going to start calling chores "projects" to see what happens. Stay tuned!


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