Monday, August 31, 2009

Melt Down

Ok - so I had a complete and total meltdown, pity-party-for-myself yesterday. I'm blaming it on the raging PG hormones. G had a big day on Saturday, meaning a bday party, lots 'o sugar and no nap. Then we'd spent Saturday night at Hilzy's, the guys camping out in the backyard with the kids and L and I tucked snug in our beds, in the house. And he did OK Saturday.
But yesterday AM it caught up. Every 10 minutes he was crying...or sassing... or hitting or not sharing. And I just kept getting more and more irritated and experienced something similar to sensory overload (as in, can I just have 5 minutes of peace and quiet?!). Literally, after about his 18th crying fit, I had it and got us packed up and out of there faster than you can pour a good-sized glass of wine.
T. drove home and I was trying not to cry the whole time. All the sudden he asks what I want for my bday and I lost it. I couldn't even talk - there were tears, snot, hiccups. My response was something like "nnnoooatthh - snooorttt -innnggg" (which, p.s. is totally not true!). I'm sure he was freaked out since I can honestly say that I normally - even while PG - don't have breakdowns; crabby? yes. mean? yes. tears? no. Well the flood gates opened yesterday.
And it was quite unfortunate timing because Grant and I had a great week without T last week. I was very impressed how it went, if I say so myself. So then I felt bad for probably making T feel bad... which made me cry harder.
All that said, it felt good - you know how there is nothing better than a good cry. Especially when it is right before would-be nap time. I crashed. And I'm happy to report a full recovery, complete with a dose of normal crabbiness last night. : )


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