Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Verdict

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. The highlight of my day was the DQ chicken strip basket and Butterfinger blizzard that my sister bought me ... this is the truth.
The second biggest highlight was the kick-ass pair of jeans that I got at Gap Outlet for $4.97. Can't beat that, right? So why is this #2? They are pre-pregnancy size. So really, between now and oh, 2012, they will serve as a torture tool. But they really are rockin' and I've certainly spent $5 on dumber things.
The third biggest highlight was that T and I actually watched a movie - Slumdog Millionaire, which shows how behind we are. Unfortunately, I had my eyes covered 1/4 the time since I'm unable to watch anything that is even slightly uncomfortable, embarrassing, painful, etc. Nice... 33 and emotionally inept - except during meltdowns.
But tonight Grant is with Grammy (thanks mom!) so T and I actually had dinner, alone. We have about 100 things to talk about but, instead, sat the whole time to/from the restaurant in blissful silence. You don't realize how much a 3-year old talks until they aren't around (God love 'em!). Ahhh... it's lovely. The only thing that would make it better is a glass of wine but if I open a bottle for one glass, I may not stop.
Verdict: it was a "I'm-33-years-old-and-PG" b-day and that is A-OK.


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