Friday, September 11, 2009

What next?

In the last 4 hours...
- I bought new perennials on Tuesday, which I've actually managed to water, and came home today to find one damn-near dead. WTF? I hate things like that. Plus every plant in my landscaping looks like it has some disease... and not the same one. So I've given myself a headache thinking about how to go about ID'g and then fixing 10 different plant ills.
- As I was going to the bathroom, G asked if I had a penis. I said no. He asked if he could see. I said OK, expecting a cursory glance would suffice. However, he literally held my undies out and craned his little neck down to get a better look. Perv. And then said, in his best adult-like voice, "You're right mom, you do have a bagina." Note: we're pretty open bathroom wise, especially with "#1" so it is not like he hasn't seen the pubic area. Open door policy was (is) easier and less annoying than the constant questions on if I'm done yet, etc. Anyhoo - I guess its time to teach about that next level of privacy... and body parts.
- I got a a couple of new baby bottles at Target and, only once I had them home, did I notice that they are USED. One doesn't have a nipple and one has a size 4 nipple (both were supposed to have size 2). And there is water stains on both - EWWW. So now I have to return them to Target and pray they don't think I'm the loser and hassle me.

If these 3 things are any indication, I'm afraid for the reaming 20 hours of this day.


jill said...

Oh this made me laugh!

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