Monday, September 14, 2009

Status check

You can't make this stuff up... I just had to tell G. to "focus on pooping... please" since he decided he needed to go mid-bath. Seriously!?!

The transition of T. going back to school is going OK. It's actually been pretty good here, in the evenings - we are both still alive. But G. watches more TV that he did before. It allows him to just quiet and give me a more time to get stuff done. I try to stick with Noggin or movies but still - its TV. Also G. is sad to get dropped off at daycare (he is fine once he gets there) and wants to be with T. 100% on the weekends... which is going to be tough with T. homework load.

Baby #2 update - all is good. Just had my 30-wk appt but this pregnancy is NOT going fast enough. Wow. Two months doesn't sound like long to go but I feel like I'm much further along than only 3/4. Sigh... the good news is I'm good weight/size wise and I passed my glucose test. Bad news - I had to buy total granny panties ("She's Having a Baby" anyone?!?!) and I can't paint my toenails. WHOA! Bet you're glad you checked in to find that all out. : )

Now I'm off to have some dessert - apple pie ala mode OR homemade turtle sundae. I need my calcium, right?


Maverick said...

My lovely child stood at the top of the slide at the (busy) park, peed and clapped loudly proclaiming herself "good girl," then slid down said slide, further soaking herself in urine...moral - it could always be worse.

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