Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer has officially arrived - yeah!  And we've been busy.  What started out as a not-so-busy summer has filled up.  We still have a few "open" weeks that aren't scheduled. 

Not much is new otherwise.  Will is this close to crawling - check out the video on YouTube!  And is as "healthy" as ever.

Some funny stories:
Grant last week was telling Lib and I a story and was trying to set the "stage" for the story - explaining who Julia was, the "layout", etc. but was struggling in that he could spit the words out and was losing the thoughts.  Finally he said, "oh never mind...I'll just tell the story" - which he did. 

And Drew was crying (hurt) and I started to go over to help and Grant informed me that "Mom, I think Libby can handle it".  REEK!

Happy Summer.

Uncle Kelly with Will

Stink-Eye Pirate

Up the hill...

Down the hill... (a milion times!)

Grant-O's 4th bday with family and friends (thanks again everyone!)


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