Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Where is the summer going?  We've had it pretty easy lately, not too many weekend plans and quiet weeks, which is a nice change from years past.  The down side is I don't have "memory points", to help keep track of what we have done.  I think the memory loss is the new reality.

... As is me always feeling exhausted.  DANG - mommy needs a nap... every day...  for a couple hours.  But the level of tiredness is new in the last couple of months.  I'm hoping it is somewhat temporary, in that we've been vehicle searching (bye-bye Outback!) and had some medical stuff going on (nothing major - just enough to be a nuisance and tiring), etc. Plus it has been flippin' nuts at work.  Although that is all paying off as I got a promo today to Mgr, SIS T&D.  Essentially my scope more than doubled, I have 2 more employees and I got a pay raise (that unfortunately was not doubled - ha!).

Anyhoo - enough whining.  Here are pictures of the boys.  Enjoy!

At our favorite beach:

Will is definitely going to be our water baby

Took a mini family va-cay to Madison.

Poor kid ... 8 months and doesn't know which end is up.  He'll probably end up at the UM (v. UW)


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