Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi Stranger!

WOW - it's been 2 months.  We have been busy (obviously). This fall was extremely busy for me at work, and since I"m the updater of this site.... anyhoo.

The boys are doing awesome.  They amaze us everyday although it isn't always the good kind of amazement.  Grant loves school and is so darn smart!  Likes to do "adding" and is starting to read letters.  Loves to do "crafts" and play the Wii.  He is really good about doing sports and active ones, which makes me feel OK about it.  He is totally digging Christmas time and loves to look for his elf, Holly.

Will is a man on the move!  He took his first step on his birtday (11/4) and hasn't stopped since.  He is always in the mix, rough-housing with Troy and Grant; seriously, he'll just walk over and pig pile on them.

Enjoy the pics!  


Corina said...

The pictue with the bear costume, ADORABLE! What a sweetheart.

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