Sunday, February 20, 2011

Subject to Change

What a great weekend...even with the 12+ inches of snow we're getting.  We got a new laptop, filed our taxes and cleaned out a ton of stuff and re-organized the basement to make room for the 2 growing boys in the house.   WHEW! 

The boys are growing and are amazing.  Will especially is at that age where everyday there is new understanding - nodding, starting to try to say words, understanding what we're saying and doing what we ask.  We call him "seek and destroy" (and "turd" if truth be told) because he knows what he wants and better get it RIGHT NOW OR I'LL THROW A FIT OR THIS TOY OR MY CUP AT YOUR HEAD.  At the same time, he is our lovey boy - always climbing up us, wanting to be held. 

We have been contemplating moving back into the "city" or staying put and I think the latter has won...for now and subject to change. I swear sometimes we are the most indesisive folks out there. Anyhoo, staying means we get to do some projects here to make it an even better house for our family. Some big projects, some small, and all sure to take 3 times as long and cost 4 times more than planned. Ideas (subject to change) include adding a mudroom, putting a 4th bedroom and bath in the basement, a kitchen overhaul, new carpet and much more. We need to prioritize the list but we're both itching to do something so stay tuned!


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